Proximity Sensor Circuit Technology

Discrete output proximity sensors are most important for industrial applications. They gain importance in such applications where it is necessary to record or count moving objects or work-pieces on machines or conveyors. Based on the way of connection of the final output amplifier transistor of a discrete proximity sensor to the power supply terminals, proximity […]

Electro-pneumatic Circuit Development for a stamping device

Electro-pneumatics and Automation Authored by Joji Parambath This book explains the functioning of single and double solenoid valves and various electrical control components such as pushbuttons, electro-magnetic releys, limit switches, reed switches, proximity sensors, timers, preset counters, and pressure switches. Many typical single-actuator and complex multiple-actuator electro-pneumatic circuits are also developed to illustrate various applications […]

The Concept of Automation

The work process to carry out an industrial task usually involves many recurring steps. These steps can be carried out manually or automatically. In the manual system, an operator is always present to decide every process step. In the automatic system, the process controls itself, partially or entirely, by the feedback of its condition. Therefore, […]