Joji Parambath is a trainer in the field of Pneumatics, Hydraulics, and PLC, for over 25 years. During his career, he has trained numerous professionals from the industries as well as faculty members and students of engineering institutions.

At present, he is the key trainer at Fluidsys Training Centre, Bangalore, India, (https://fluidsys.org) which is providing training in the field of Pneumatics and Hydraulics. He has two books on Pneumatics and Hydraulics to his credit. The publication of the present series of 37 books is intended to restructure and update the existing books.

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Fluidsys Training Centre Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India

Fluidsys Training Centre is a leading institution for pneumatic training as well as hydraulic training. The practical-based pneumatic and hydraulic courses are designed and delivered systematically. Topics on the safety aspects of pneumatic and hydraulic systems, functions and symbols of system components, their typical control circuits, and maintenance & troubleshooting aspects are handled with the help of well-developed and up-to-date PowerPoint presentations, simulation software packages, and videos for quick learning. 

Long-term Course

Fluidsys offers the following long-term course for the advanced-level pneumatic training and hydraulic training. 

Professional in Pneumatics and Hydraulics – Advanced Level with TUV Rheinland Certified Qualification (6 Weeks)

Short-term Courses: Hydraulics, Pneumatics, & PLC 

Fluidsys imparts the following industry-relevant pneumatic training and hydraulic training.

1. Industrial Hydraulics– Basic Level (6 Days)

2. Pneumatic controls – Basic Level (4 Days)

3. Electro-pneumatics and Automation – Basic Level (4 Days)

4. Design of Industrial Hydraulic Systems (5 Days)

5. Design of Pneumatic Systems (4 Days)

6. Programmable Logic Controllers with Pneumatic (or Hydraulic) Applications (4 Days)

7. Human Machine Interface (HMI) (3 Days)

Fluidsys Training Centre Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Mobile: +91 7338385505 

Email: info@fluidsys.org

Website: https://fluidsys.org