Troubleshooting Chart for Hydraulic Pumps

The preventive maintenance is carried out on hydraulic systems to keep them in a perfect working condition at all times. However, faults or breakdowns do occur in hydraulic systems, which have to be traced and corrected with minimum delay and expense. Table below gives pump malfunctions and their potential causes and rectification.

DisturbancesPossible causesRectification
Loud pump noiseCavitation-Clean dirty strainer/filters
-Replace defective filters
-Use filter of correct size
-Change system fluid
-Maintain fluid level in reservoir
-Warm up fluid, if too cold
-Clean reservoir breather vent
-Correct drive motor speed
Hot pumpHot fluid-Increase reservoir capacity
-Change system fluid
-Change filters
-Clean/replace cooler
Low pump dischargeLow flow-Replace with correct type
-Set valve correctly
-Replace or overhaul
-Tighten leaking connections
-Adjust swash plate angle correctly
Pump slows down or stallsLow voltage supply-Provide correct power supply 
Pump slows down or stallsDrive motor in Star connection-Re-wire in Delta connection
Motor turns backwardsPhase reversalInterchange any two phases
Motor erratic/ not operatingWrong motor wiring,-Re-configure wiring
Motor erratic/ not operatingWrong power supply-Provide correct power supply


Categories of malfunctions in hydraulic systems in terms of its general disturbances, and their possible causes and rectification are presented in the above books. Further, the component-wise malfunctions and their potential causes and rectification are also presented.

Joji Parambath


Fluidsys Training Centre

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