Applications of Hydraulic Pumps

Industrial Hydraulic Systems and Circuits Basic Level in the SI Units

By Joji Parambath

The textbook deals with the components and circuits of hydraulic systems. The fundamentals required to understand the core topics are given initially. The book describes the topics on power packs, hydraulic actuators, and control valves, in detail. Next, the book also presents the maintenance, troubleshooting, and safety aspects in hydraulic systems. The book uses the SI system of units.

Industrial Hydraulics Basic Level in the English Units

By JOJI Parambath

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Various types of hydraulic pumps, such as gear, vane, and piston pumps, and their variants are available to meet the wide-ranging application demands in industrial, mobile, aerospace, marine, mining, agriculture, and construction fields.

  • For light-duty and medium-duty industrial applications, gear pumps and vane pumps are most used, whereas, for power-intensive applications, piston pumps and screw pumps are most suitable.
  • For applications involving rough handling and dirty environment, as in mobile equipment and conveyor systems, external gear pumps are most appropriate.
  • Internal gear pumps find applications requiring low-speed and quite operations, as in hydraulic presses, drilling machines, and lifting devices, and in marine and petrochemical applications.
  • For energy-efficient applications, where space and weight are a premium, as in aircraft, Gerotor pumps can be used.
  • Screw pumps find applications involving quiet operations, as in machine tools, hydraulic presses, rolling mills, sheet metal machines, plastic moulding machines, hydraulically-driven propellers, submarines, and off-line filtration systems.
  • For sophisticated applications involving variable-displacement and low-noise operations, vane pumps are suitable. They are found in automotive power steering and transmission applications, marine and railway winches, oil field and drilling equipment, earthmoving and construction equipment, plastic injection moulding machines, sophisticated machine tools, and large presses.
  • Piston pumps find applications in aerospace, agricultural, automotive, mobile and construction equipment, marine equipment, metal forming and stamping machines, machine tools, oilfield equipment, and mining fields.

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