Tips for Safe Hydraulic Operation

Some essential precautions necessary for the safe operation of hydraulic systems are enlisted below:

  1. Design and build hydraulic systems with safety in mind,
  2. Select hydraulic components and fluid conductors that are rated for the highest system working pressure,
  3. Position valves, safety guards, and controls with the operator’s safety in mind,
  4. Know the hazards involved in a hydraulic system,
  5. Take adequate safety measures for avoiding fire hazards,
  6. Follow good maintenance and safety practices,
  7. Ensure that the prime mover has been locked out and tagged,
  8. Make daily inspections for finding damaged hose, bent tubing, and leaks, 
  9. Ensure that all connections to the hose assembly are tight, and components and conductors are secured,
  10. Depressurize any pressure chamber, such as the accumulator, while opening any hydraulic component,
  11. Use a piece of cardboard or similar thing to search for leaks and reduce the chances of injury, and
  12. Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with the hydraulic fluid with the skin.

Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Safety of Hydraulic Systems

Joji Parambath

Joji Parambath


Fluidsys Training Centre

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