Preventive Maintenance of Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems

Textbook on ‘Maintenance Troubleshooting and Safety in Pneumatic Systems

By Joji Parambath

The book highlights all aspects of maintenance, troubleshooting, and safety in pneumatic systems, systematically. A section on energy saving highlights the steps that need to be taken for saving a substantial amount on energy costs.

Textbook on ‘Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Safety in Hydraulic Systems

By Joji Parambath

The book explains all aspects of maintenance, troubleshooting, and safety in hydraulic systems, systematically to make this book more useful on the shop floor.

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The primary objective of any preventive maintenance activity on a pneumatic or hydraulic machine (or system) is the prevention of its failure or breakdown. The intelligent management of preventive maintenance of a compressed air plant helps increase plant uptime and reduce unplanned shutdowns. The most general requirements to achieve these goals are as follows:

  1. Know the Machine

The first step involved in the preventative maintenance of the machine is to become familiar with the machine. For that, a maintenance technician should know about the layout of the machine, the routing of lines, the functioning of all the components used in the machine, and the operation of the whole circuit. Once you familiarize the machine, regular maintenance becomes easy.

2. Ensure the Safety

It is imperative to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment while carrying out the preventive maintenance. Therefore, maintenance personnel needs to follow safe practices during maintenance activities.

3. Understand and Follow the Best Maintenance Practices

An understanding of the proper maintenance procedures and the knack to follow them are the pre-requisites for carrying out good preventive maintenance activities. The actual maintenance of the machine must be decided by the complexity of its structure, its operating cycle, and the amount of time available to maintain it.

4. Compile a Maintenance Checklist

It is also necessary to develop and implement a maintenance checklist or schedule for the machine following the best maintenance practices. Lay down the intervals (say daily, weekly, and monthly) at which inspection and servicing activities are to be carried out.

5. Follow Instruction Manual

Trained maintenance personnel should carefully study the instruction manual of the machine supplied by its manufacturer for compiling its maintenance checklist. The machine manufacturer provides only general guidelines, which cannot be taken as the exact maintenance program for meeting the local requirements.

6. Stock Spares

Spares are crucial for the maintenance duty and should be available in handy. Hence, it is a good practice to stock essential spare parts of the machine with proper inventory control to facilitate its fault servicing with minimum interruption to production.

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