Hydraulic Power Packs – Essential Features

Hydraulic Power Packs in the SI Units

By Joji Parambath

The book deals with power pack components such as hydraulic reservoirs, pumps, pressure relief valves, unloading valves, filters, accumulators, and power pack control units. It also presents the noise reduction techniques for hydraulic systems. Next, the book highlights power packs with standardized assemblies. The book uses the SI system of units.

Power Packs in Hydraulic Systems in the English Units

By Joji Parambath

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A hydraulic system requires a sufficient amount of high-quality fluid at all times for its efficient operation. A power pack, as shown in Figure below, is the unit that supplies the required fluid to all actuators in the system. It is a custom-designed or pre-engineered assembly consisting of essential and optional components.

The symbolic representation of a basic power pack

The essential components are a reservoir, pump-motor unit, pressure relief valve, and pressure gauge.

The optional components include a heat exchanger, a temperature controller, directional control valves, and filters.

It also consists of necessary instrumentation, and other accessories, such as accumulators, hoses, and quick-disconnect couplings.

The modern way of configuring a power pack is from standardized sub-assemblies.

A power pack may contain multiple pumps, accumulators, a cooling fan, and a heater. A control box with a controller, power switches, and display elements is necessary for the control of the power pack.

The control system may cover the following functions: (1) Starting the standby pump, (2) Changing the operating pump, and (3) Switching the accumulator charging valve. 

It is necessary to design hydraulic systems, especially the power units with appropriate noise reduction techniques to reduce the damaging effects of noise.

Note: The detailed explanation of power packs is given in the books mentioned above.  Numerical examples are also given in the SI system of units and the English system of units.

Joji Parambath


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