Comparison of Power Transmission Systems (Part 2)

Textbook on ‘Pneumatic Systems and Circuits -Basic Level in the SI Units

By Joji Parambath

The book describes the topics on compressed air generation and contamination control, pneumatic actuators, and control valves, in detail. Many single-actuator control circuits are presented. Further, the book presents the maintenance, troubleshooting, and safety aspects of pneumatic systems. The book uses units in the SI system.

Industrial Pneumatics – Basic Level in the English Units

By Joji Parambath

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[Continuation of an earlier post Comparison of Power Transmission Systems (Part 1)]

Choosing the right and efficient form of energy for the drive system in the industry is not an easy task. Its selection depends on various factors. Table 1.1 gives a comparison of different forms of energy medium based on some essential criteria, as mentioned.

      Table | Comparison of different power transmission systems

Criteria / Power systemElectricalHydraulicsPneumatics
Linear forceUsing rotary to linear conversion devicesUsing cylinders – Large forces due to high pressureUsing cylinders – Limited forces due to low pressure
Rotary force (Torque)Using electric motorsUsing hydraulic motorsUsing air motors
OverloadingA severe problem loadable until standstill  with relief valvesLoadable until standstill
Sensitivity to temperature variationsInsensitiveSensitiveRelatively insensitive
LeakageLethal accident risk at high voltagesLoss of energy and environmental foulingLoss of energy

Joji Parambath


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