Swing Clamp Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders in the SI Units

By Joji Parambath

This book deals with hydraulic cylinders of varying designs. The principles of operation, constructional details, and classification of the hydraulic cylinders are explained in detail. This chapter also covers the topics on the position transducers, swing clamp cylinders, applications, design aspects of hydraulic cylinders, advantages, and safety requirements of the cylinders. The book uses the SI system of units.

Hydraulic Linear Actuators in the English Units

By Joji Parambath Please click on the image links to go to the book link of Amazon.com

Swing clamp cylinder is a cylinder with a clamping arm. It can swing and clamp. The piston and piston-rod assembly of the cylinder can rotate by a certain angle in the clockwise or anti-clockwise direction during the swing stroke and then travels in a straight line during the clamp stroke.

Figure: Swing cylinder

Courtesy: Hydrokomp

It is meant for the secure and safe clamping and un-clamping of work-pieces without obstruction.

However, the arm should not contact the work-piece during the swing stroke.

Swing cylinders are designed in a single-acting version with an integrated return spring or double-acting version.

In applications where return time is critical, a double-acting cylinder can ensure a positive retraction on a timely basis.

Joji Parambath


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