Design of Pneumatic Systems

Textbook on ‘Design of Pneumatic Systems in the SI Units’

By Joji Parambath

The book explains the design aspects of pneumatic systems systematically. The book also presents many typical examples of designing pneumatic systems using the SI units.

Textbook on ‘Design Concepts in Pneumatic Systems in the English Units

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A prerequisite for designing a pneumatic system is the knowledge of the functions, parameters, and specifications of the critical components needed for the power part, control part, and compressed air network of the system. A pneumatic system must be designed to meet all the functional requirements of an application safely and efficiently. It must be economical and straightforward.

The design of a pneumatic system involves the determination of the force and speed requirements of all actuators in the system and finding the sequence of operations.

Next, select and size of components, determine the system pressure level and find the average air consumption rate of all actuators, including cylinders, air motors, air-operated tools, and vacuum equipment.

Next, select a compressor, receiver tank, and drive motor with sufficient delivery rate to meet the peak air consumption rate of all actuators and tools. Draw the important compressor specification parameters such as the drive motor power, drive speed, pressure rating, number of compression stages, and the operating voltage.

After that, select and draw the specifications of components such as aftercooler, mainline filter, dryer(s), FRL unit(s), and control valves, based on the flow rate.

Then, design the mainline and distribution conductor system to keep the pressure drop across the conductor system to a permissible limit. The selection of pipe size is governed by the delivery volume, required pipe length, operating pressure and the permissible pressure drop.

Note: Five sample design problems are presented in the textbook to highlight the essential design steps. Sure, you will be greatly benefitted.

Joji Parambath


Fluidsys Training Centre Pvt Ltd

Bangalore, India

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