Essential Relations in a Pump–Cylinder Hydraulic System

The figure below gives the summary of useful relations (SI units) of a pump-cylinder hydraulic system for highlighting their correlations. Joji Parambath Author / Trainer Note: Several essential mathematical relations are also given in books ‘(1) Industrial Hydraulic Systems and Circuits -Basic Level (In the SI Units), (2) Industrial Hydraulics -Basic Level (In the […]

Manufacturing Process of Hydraulic Cylinders – Salient Points

Hydraulic cylinders are used in many types of machines and systems for industrial and mobile applications. The manufacturing process of cylinders mainly involves the following steps: design, heat treatment, machining, coating, assembly, and testing.  The Design Phase, Cylinder Manufacturing In the design stage, the requirement specifications of the cylinder to be designed are transformed into […]

Troubleshooting Chart for Hydraulic Cylinders

Most of the hydraulic system failures are similar. That is there is a sudden or gradual loss of pressure or flow. Consequently, cylinders and motors in these systems may stop working. Any of the system components can be at fault. Possible causes of hydraulic cylinder faults and their rectification are highlighted below: Possible causes Rectification […]