PLC Communication Services

A PLC system is configured using several networked components, such as PLCs, computer, communication modules, and HMI, with communication interfacing capabilities. These components can exchange data between two or more communication partners through the network using specific protocols for handling the data traffic. A network is characterized by the type of hardware involved, communication procedure, […]

Electro-pneumatics and Automation

An electro-pneumatic system, in general, consists of an electrical or electronic control part controlling the pneumatic power part of the system. Integrating the power density of pneumatic systems with the controlling possibilities of the electric systems opens up a new world of opportunities for the high-performing pneumatic systems. In this hybrid technology, solenoid valves are […]

Electro-pneumatic Circuit Development for a stamping device

Electro-pneumatics and Automation Authored by Joji Parambath This book explains the functioning of single and double solenoid valves and various electrical control components such as pushbuttons, electro-magnetic releys, limit switches, reed switches, proximity sensors, timers, preset counters, and pressure switches. Many typical single-actuator and complex multiple-actuator electro-pneumatic circuits are also developed to illustrate various applications […]